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This site came about by my love of Disneyland and respect for Walt Disney.

I am a botanist by education, and a horticulturalist by hobby. Naturally, whenever I am in Disneyland I am preoccupied by all of the wonderfuly well-kept, exotic, and unusual plants that fill the park. They are masterfully placed to create just the right ambiance...large, tropical-looking ones for the Jungle Boat Cruise...alien-looking ones for Tomorrowland...seaside-looking ones for Paraside Pier...Disneyland and California Adventure can rival some arboretums.

During a visit, I picked up a book of quotes by Walt Disney and it fell open to a page I found both humorous and inspirational. Walt was quoted regarding the last-minute rush to finish things up before the original opening of the park. He said that they hadn't completed the landscaping and money was getting tight, so he had the legendary architect Morgan "Bill" Evans run out and label all of the small plants, including the weeds, in latin! So, I wondered, where are all of the labels now? (Actually, there are a couple at the base of Tarzan's treehouse. They are made out of bamboo halves and used as a part of the attraction).

I have had conversations with people, and have overheard others saying "What kind of tree is that?" or "Can we grow that where we live?". Alas, the flora takes a backseat to "Let's get over to California Screamin'!"

Here, however, you will find an ongoing project to raise the appreciation for all of the amazing work the horticultural staff and landscape designers have done. I hope this site will make your trip to Disneyland and California Adventure even more interesting, and perhaps, a little educational. Maybe you'll be inspired to track down these plants and bring some of the magic home to your backyard!


Moreton Bay Fig

Dreaming Tree

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